Truelux 5th Wheelers is a Family Owned Australian Company based in Kilsyth, Victoria.
All Truelux 5th Wheelers are Australian Made by Craftsmen Who Really Care, they are all Designed and Handbuilt to suit your Tow Vehicles Ride Height & Towing Capacity
and are Made For Australian Conditions!

Truelux 5th Wheelers is a Family Business
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Truelux 5th Wheelers are the only company in Australia that will truly custombuild your 5th wheeler from the ground up, other builders will customize a standard layout but that isn't custom building. At Truelux we will custombuild your chassis to suit your own layout and tow vehicle specifications for ride height and towing capacity, you can choose your suspension type (Simplicity leaf, Dexter or Alko Rubber or even fully independant airbag suspension with automatic ride height and onsite levelling, it cant be any easier than that). You can specify everything you want in the way of appliances, accessories from our extensive list of options. We can build it to be fully optioned with enough solar power, onboard generator, additional water drinking - fresh or grey tanks to the point that you will be able to stay at a remote beach, in the dessert or a national park for extended periods, offering you true independance!

With the Truelux BuildSmart Team Every Truelux, be it a standard spec Opal or the most opulent custom built model, is constructed with the same diligence, by the same qualified and committed tradesmen in this family owned and run business headed up by Peter Groom (MD, RV Designer, Sales Manager). His wife Marion, daughter-in-law Linda Groom and Wendy staff the office and are responsible for requisitioning parts and components from our range of reliable suppliers. Colin Groom, his eldest son, is a qualified Fitter and A Grade Welder and is responsible for chassis CAD design and construction, suspension, body shell and plumbing instillation. Mark Groom, son, is a qualified Cabinet Maker who is responsible for cabinet design and construction and total fitout. Mark also oversees electrical and plumbing fitout and is one of three appointed Quality Officers.

The Truelux BuildSmart Program has evolved from our commitment to construction excellence and our extensive personal 5th Wheel camping experience.

It’s a result of our constant national and international research – seeing what works best, what and why things fail, and how long things last. We listen to the experience of others, the stories they tell of their disappointment in particular brands. We have designed these faults out of our 5th Wheelers.

More importantly – our BuildSmart Program has also evolved by direct input from our owners – what works best and why, what could be improved on and why. Truelux is always striving for excellence. We are immensely grateful to all our owners, many of whom are in touch on a regular basis contributing ideas, testimonials, and most importantly their recommendation of the Truelux Brand. Nearly all Truelux sales are a result of either first hand owners’ recommendations or discerning buyers making extensive research and value judgment of Truelux 5th Wheelers – determining what our points of difference are and what makes Truelux stand out as a brand amongst strong Australian Made opponents and imported 5th Wheelers in truly challenging times.

We continue to strive to get it right – each time, every time. With strong sales orders even in these tough times, we are planning for future expansion and are confident that our “customer first” policy will continue to be successful.

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